August 6th
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Happiest birthday wishes to ryuuseieatspancakes, sneakshadesims, mishas-sims, pennyshrill, muupi, JustSimAround, Myshra, Sami and the August simblr b-days we don’t know about :D

Painted boards (paneling §5) in pixel palette 003 and yeti colors - each color in three versions: plain, with trim, with trim and painted border

collection folder

download - alternate

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July 31st
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August Birthdays

Heads up for our August simblr birthdays!

Master list

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July 1st
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Happiest birthday wishes to NekoSayuri, sim-strangers, laurelcrossings, drew-cricket, , Simminaway, Whispers and all the other July simmer babies :D

bg diving board and pool ladder to match Seasons pool slide plus purple

Pool Party! gradient walls and floors (miscellaneous/other §8) based on nilou’s concrete walls

download - alternate

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June 30th
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July Birthdays

Give a hug to the birthday Simmers of July!

Check the master list for all simblr birthdays!

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June 11th
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We’d like to wish a happy June birthday to:

And all other June birthdays!

Here’s some new tops and skirts/new shoes for af & tf, contributed by whattheskell. Teen files are repositoried to the adult, and all patterns are from ColourLovers.



If you are interested in contributing a birthday gift, send us an ask. Also view the masterlist of Simblr birthdays to see whose are coming up, and send us a message if yours isn’t on there!

May 31st
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June Birthdays

The simblr birthdays for June are:

To see all Simblr birthdays for the year, check the master list here!

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May 15th
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Happy Birthday lovely-wow, mechemik, happilyeverafter243, ixals, jedpie, and all other May children! Shastakiss has made you a beautiful present perfect for the spring season:

seven recolors of TheWellDressedSim’s daisy vases (mesh included)

Veranka’s s3 Pegasus Llama in pixel palette 003 (mesh included)

Hemnes mirror in poppet’s lonesome palette (IKEA stuff required)

download - alternate

If you are interested in contributing a birthday gift, send us a ask!

April 30th
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Happy Birthday May Children!

Last month our beloved and most devoted mod Skell made such an amazing gift for the monthly children that I knew it needed to become a thing. So seeing as three people I really love are making spring this month, I decided that it was my turn.

Basically this is my favorite set of eyes from all time, Nilou’s Onomatopeia on mswn sclera (made by the amazing poppet here) defaulted. I didn’t touched the alien eyes, because there was no need for that, right?!
I tried to keep the original colors of the Onomatopeia, but in the end I think it ended up looking closer to the Maxis colors. You can see a swatch here, with crappy bodyshop picture.


Credits: Poppet, Nilou, mswn

Do you want to make a gift for the Montlhy children or send us your gift for one of them? Send us an ask!

April 30th
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May Birthdays

Get your well wishes ready for the simblr birthdays of May!

For a list of all simblr birthdays, check the masterpost here!

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April 18th
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Happy Birthday, @theatticbox, s655, baptsim, holleyberry, lvstndhrt, @dramallamadingdang and all other April birthdays!

Here’s a set of tank tops for AF & TF separated from the TSS skater outfit. There are 8 custom colors and three repositoried and townified to the original outfit. They are categorized as everyday, PJs, swim, active, and maternity. The bangles and brastraps will not show up on these tops.

If you have the TeenStyle stuff SP, please delete the file labelled “TEXTURES-NoTSS”. If you don’t, you need it for the three files labelled “tr” to work properly! Defaults for the original outfit may conflict with those three files.


If you are interested in contributing a birthday gift for the month of May, drop us a message!