March 31st
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Simblr Birthdays

Aren’t you tired of finding out that a certain simmer is having a birthday today, and you don’t have time to put something up as a b-day gift? We are, so we decided to create an agenda that will tell you the birthdays of the month, the week and a small little post as a reminder of who is having a birthday that day.

The best part? If you happen to be a creator, the idea is to provide you a wishlist of things you can do to celebrate another spring in this simmer’s life.If you are not a creator but have a natural way of putting words together and making then rhyme, or maybe just happen to have creative ways of saying that you care about this person’s b-day, you can post it here on the tag Submit.

If you want your Spring Days (or any other season) to be featured here, just sent us an ask and we will gladly put a star on our calendar to mark this wonderful day.

Let the sharing spree begin!

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